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Walca was born in Biel/Bienne, in the cradle of Swiss watchmaking, in 1976. From the outset, our founder, Peter P. Jenny, has always put quality first, earning our company a sterling reputation early on. This heritage compels us to deliver excellence in every aspect of the products we develop and manufacture, and the services we provide, for our clients.

Over time, we have also grown deep and strong relationships with leading suppliers to the watchmaking industry. To this day, Walca remains a privately held company, dynamic and agile, always true to the spirit of neutrality, and driven by innovation.

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What we do

Whether you’re an established brand or a startup, Walca is the right partner to put your name and what you stand for on people’s wrists: your Swiss Made timepiece, a unique, high-quality watch, crafted especially as an extension of your DNA.

During the initial development meeting and product briefing, our team will discuss your requirements, take your ideas on board and go through the options to match your price point while remaining true to your brand’s identity. 

We appreciate that your success depends greatly on our ability to understand your strategy, positioning and main markets. The development phase will run through the following key stages until your completed private label watches are delivered.


Our home

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Our factory is located in Biel/Bienne in one of Switzerland's foremost watchmaking centers, home to many other prestigious manufacturers and the best suppliers.

Biel (in Swiss-German) or Bienne (French) is a can-do, open-minded and bilingual city that straddles German- and French-speaking Switzerland. Here, in this dynamic setting, Walca listens, creates, innovates and manufactures new products.

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Quality and know-how

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All of us at Walca are joined in the effort to obtain the best price-quality ratio, in line with the specifications laid out in the product brief. We also offer a service for high-end timepieces that involve specialty movements, exotic materials or precious metals – such as platinum, gold and silver – and gemstones for cases and bracelets.

Our teams of in-house designers, technicians, engineers and watchmakers are dedicated to one goal: making your project a success

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Swiss Made

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We proudly deliver on the promise of Swiss Made. Starting from the design, development and all the way to assembly, your watch is made in-house in Bienne Switzerland. As a completely independent manufacturer, we guarantee strictest adherence to Swiss Made standards and regulations.​

“Throughout the world the reputation of Swiss made watches is unrivalled. Know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess, technical innovation: the indication Swiss made reflects all this, and much more. Two words which, combined with renowned brands, guarantee the best choice for the consumer in search of a high value timepiece.”


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